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Usability Consulting

Understand users and the way they interact

The way a consumer interacts with a brand is highly dependent on the environment that surrounds the user. This is also true in the case of a website. That’s why understanding how audiences react to various parts of your website and undertaking a usability study is essential to determine whether your website works or does not work with consumers.

As a brand you may want to create a website that best reflects the needs of your business. Considering your business needs, the developer – designer team will come up with a few options of how to go ahead with the idea you have provided. As there is no one-way of building a website, there may be multiple options that you may have to choose from. Our usability consulting services will help you make the right choices during the web development process.

Creating customer experiences that are profitable

There are three important aspects of developing a website- the information design, the interaction design and the visual design. Only when you strike a perfect chord between these three elements you will get a website that the users will actually enjoy using. The basis of all these three elements lies in understanding the thought process of the end user. Therefore, we deploy different techniques like interviews, surveys, focus groups, analytics, expert reviews, persona development, competitive analysis etc. to understand what users want.

Design > Test > Redesign > Retest

To develop an entire website, only to discover that it does not serve any purpose for the user is a wasted effort. Instead, in our approach of user experience designing, we conduct usability testing at multiple points during the development process of the website. Redefining IT follows a rigorous process of designing, testing and redesigning until we arrive at a design that works perfectly for your target audience. We identify areas that need improvement in your website and make the required changes to enhance your website.

Redefining IT implements tools like usability testing, user experience mapping, information architecture, behavioral monitoring etc. to ensure an amazing user experience! We conduct tests with real people and bring you concrete recommendations that matter to your brand.

User experience consultants

With proven tools and techniques, we create great experiences for audiences visiting your websites. Have a look at our portfolio to understand our experience in user interface, interaction and developing user centered website designs. If you too are looking for some insight driven website design, get in touch with us today!