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Social Media Optimization

Get more likes and more followers

Your brand and your target audiences are both present on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. But, are they conversing with each other? When a brand engages with customers and replies to their queries on social networks, they increase brand exposure and gain brand loyalty on the way.

Social Media Optimization or SMO allows you to promote your brand, products and services among customers on platforms that have immense potential. It is one of the fastest and the most dynamic ways to gain brand recognition. This kind of recognition makes your brand a household name and impacts your sales figures immensely.

The right content at the right time

Redefining IT strongly believes that SMO is not just about creativity, but also about the science that goes behind it. We craft updates and schedule them after studying each platform and your audience’s behavior on each social network. Each social network works on different parameters, has different features and the audiences behave differently on each network. A twitter celebrity may have zero activity on Facebook or the audience that is active on LinkedIn has no clue about Facebook. We understand the varied audiences on each social network that you plan to target. Thus we know what type of content works best and deliver a unique strategy for each medium.

The best content at the wrong time can’t help your brand. That’s why we study the peak time for activities for your network and schedule the content accordingly. Our ultimate intention is to ensure that the audience engages with the content we post on your behalf. Deeper the engagement, higher are the chances of the audience visiting your website via social networks.

Supercharge your social strategy

Redefining IT specializes in developing content strategies that are valuable, timely, visual and relevant. We are well prepared and are responsive to your audiences’ requests. We deploy analytics in our approach and don’t just share popular local content. We make sure all our efforts make your brand more valuable.

By optimizing content for your audience on various social networks, we build a virtual community of brand loyalist and die hard fans. Ultimately we deliver you an unstoppable social identity that will drive the best traffic to your website. If you are ready to spread some brand enthusiasm among your target audience, get in touch with us. We look forward to being your partners on the road to success.