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Our Team

Together everyone achieves more and that’s our mantra for teamwork. Teamwork not only divides the task but multiplies the success as well. Together we have worked to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Redefining IT’s talented teams comprise of:

Design Team: With forward thinking attitude and an experience in front end development, the design team takes pride in creating unique and clean-professional designs. They have the ability to convert complex design challenges into customer friendly experiences. User Interface is always at the core of the projects they produce and thus they are able to take UI and UX to the next level.

Development Team: Our developers have strong hold over Microsoft and Open-Source Technology. You can trust them with the most complex coding and rely on their skillsets when you have specific demands. They have excellent coding standards and a commitment to demonstrating excellent communication and problem solving skills. They love working in collaborative environments wherein they combine strong design and UX leads with design aesthetics.

Client Servicing Team: Our Client servicing team comprises of troubleshooters. Challenges excite them and they love resolving problems. They work best under pressure and ace at communicating with clients. They do multitasking and keep their cool even when they are under pressure to meet deadlines. They also manage to keep the teams and the client on the same page.

Content Development Team: The content team always gets their way with words. With Expertise in content publishing platforms including Word Press, social media, newswires and video hosting and proficiency in website content, social media posts, info-graphics, data research content, videos, photos etc., there is nothing this team can’t handle. They have a clear understanding of how to influence the reader by use of tone, messaging and delivery.

If you wish to interact with our highly energetic and learn more about the way they work, give us a call today! If you have a project in mind, this is the best team you can ask for!