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How we work?

Crafting interactive processes

Redefining IT believes in involving the client in our well-crafted interactive processes. It doesn’t matter if your project is big or small, if it is important for you, it is important for us as well. That’s why our goal is to take inputs from the client at every step so as to deliver results that are in line with the objectives drafted by the clients.

The process we follow is as follows:

Knowing each other
We believe that the client and the team should definitely meet and greet to develop a level of comfort with each other. It is this comfort that enables our clients and us to communicate better, in the later stages of the project. It builds a platform for open communication and reduces the chances of miscommunications.

Taking good notes
To produce great work that is inline with the objectives, it is important to understand what the client has to say. We listen to the client brief and try to learn about the client thoroughly before we begin our planning process. By discovering the client, the brand and the project, we ensure that every person working on the project knows exactly what is expected. We also believe that it is important to build a relationship based on clear understanding and mutual trust with every client so that we can produce successful campaigns

Planning – cause no two clients are the same
After studying the client’s requirements, we look into the competition and think from the end user’s point of view. Thus, we are able to develop strategically driven communications that are relevant to the client’s industry and brand. We identify specific campaign goals and chalk out the route map to achieve these goals. Brainstorming, creativity and research is at the core of our designing process. We thus generate comprehensive integrated digital marketing strategies that are relevant for your target audiences.

The client is then presented with the best concepts and is asked to share their opinion on the same. Based on your inputs, we create the final concept, which will be ready for execution as per the timelines drawn by the client.

Create and execute successfully

Once the plans are approved on paper, we take them forward and execute them. We combine great thought processing with flawless execution to produce cutting edge solutions for you. All our departments integrate their specialties to deliver as per plan and improvise if need be. Our executions leave no chance for mistakes and often surpass client expectations.

Measuring the outcome
They say you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why we take all the required steps to ensure that we monitor all your campaigns and tweak them depending upon the third party feedback we receive. At this point we refine the project until we reach a perfect balance between client satisfaction and customer usability.

The process we follow remains the same for most of our clients, but our flexibility and experience allow us to mold these steps as per the need of the clients.