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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ek Katra is an online blood community – part of CSR activities by Redefining IT Pvt. Ltd., which aims to strengthen human-bond across the globe through spreading the message of love and compassion. It is common to witness cases where people die due to blood deficits: blood is the lifeline that sustains all of us and Ek Katra is an initiative to empower each life on earth with this lifeline.

Blood banks have proven to be the richest source of blood, but the demand of blood has increased over the period of time in comparison to the accumulated liters. Ek Katra is an alternative idea to meet the rising challenges; it is an interface to link blood seeker directly to the blood donor. We bring everyone together on one platform so that we can help each other in adverse times of accidents or emergencies instantaneously.

At the time of emergency, log onto www.ekkatra.com to find a blood donor matching the required blood group near your location. Besides the list of donors, we recommend suitable donors who are residing nearby you and have been through with the required time gap between the two blood donations.

Opportunity for Blood Seeker
Fill two step easy form – pin code and blood group to find the closest donor near your location. You can view donors’ contact details and talk to them personally to verify their availability. Also, donors can automatically contact you after viewing your requirement displayed on the portal. Ek Katra assists you in finding an apt donor in the minimum time and saving a precious life.

Opportunity for Blood Donors
Register on our website to enlist your name in the donors’ name list. According to blood group and location, we recommend your name to the blood seeker. We also consider the time when you had donated the blood most recently while making a recommendation. Blood seekers can view your details and contact you directly if needed. You are offering a helping hand to the one struggling hard for life by registering here.

Gifting life is the rarest of gifts we can present anyone. Grabbing the opportunity to save someone’s life makes us more human and compassionate. Ek Katra is providing you the opportunity; you just have to Grab it. Extend your hand, expand your heart and experience the joy of donating blood.

The site can be viewed at www.ekkatra.org

You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives. Just Donate Blood.