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Application Support

These are the services used to maintain, enhance, and manage all types of software applications. Businesses need to focus on their core competencies and overall strategies, and not the systems required to support them. Enterprises allocate a chunk of their budget towards maintaining applications. There are logistical challenges involved too, in supporting obsolete technology and software, and optimizing overgrown applications.

Such services include maintenance, upgrades and performance analysis. Application maintenance services enable enterprises to take a holistic view of technology, information architecture, people, and services. By adopting such services, enterprises can reduce system downtime and volatility. Applications stay optimally geared to provide rapid responses to business requests and enterprises can focus more on strategic initiatives.

Application Support

Redefining IT provides application maintenance and support for clients that lack the resources to internally maintain and improve existing systems or products. We handle legacy systems which lack documentation or were built to different standards. Redefining IT team has the expertise to quickly analyze and learn the essential functions and business logic of the legacy system. Our defined procedures for different maintenance lifecycles, enhancements and new product releases, ensure responsibility for your product as well as quality improvements.

Application Enhancement

Application enhancement is the process for improving the value of an application asset during its operational lifetime. Applications tend to wither over time. They use old technologies and gets slow and cumbersome, when compared to new applications. Retaining all the knowledge and skills that is built into the old application and integrating it with the new systems, builds and enhances its value.
It enables businesses to achieve greater productivity and higher ROI. It also addresses application modernization and upgrade issues to boost business processes, which are otherwise tedious or laborious to monitor and manage. By leveraging the latest technology, complex application portfolios drive and sustain businesses. Across domains, application enhancement.

The open-source model also offers increased security. Being in the public view exposed to extreme scrutiny, problems are found and fixed instead of being kept secret. It can also be touted as a tool to beat monopoly.

Application Migration

Application Migration is the process of changing an application from one hardware or software technology to another, or moving data and applications from one system to another. The business landscape is changing at a fast pace. To adapt to the new challenges, enterprises need to keep abreast with new technology developments. There might be a need for migration of applications and databases from one environment to another or a rethinking and restructuring of IT systems.

Making the decision to migrate business systems to a new platform can be difficult in today’s economy, considering constrained IT resources and budgets. Enterprises must have a compelling business reason and a positive return on investment to justify the migration of business systems from legacy systems to open platform. These solutions help organizations to deal with their out-dated technologies. They address issues where applications span multiple databases, languages and different systems and offer migration solutions, which allow seamless migration of applications from one environment to another.

Redefining IT’s professionals have the technological expertise and proven services methodology to work to help you meet your application migration needs, including high reliability, cost-effectiveness, business agility, and innovation adoption. Organizations can manage and structure their IT architecture and thereby, minimize their IT investments and enhance business performance.